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one of a few bands that changed the face of rock music by being totally origional! The band was started by founder members Billy Gould (Bass) and Mike "puffy" Bordin (drums)Under the name Faith no man! who then went on to enrole Roddy Bottum (Keyboards) Jim Martin (guitars) and Chuck Morsley (vocals)and form Faith No More!

After the release of their second Album (Introduce yourself) Chuck Morsley Was then fired Due to drink and drug problems (He is now a chef and the singer in a band called cement).
they then enrolled courtney love as a singer she never actually recoarded anything with the band because she was fired after a year for being too much of a dictator. After a listen of a demo cassette by a Californian band (Mr Bungle) Jim Martin Pursuaded Billy Gould and the Rest of the band to contact the Bands singer and see if he would sing for them!
At 19 the fresh faced singer Michael Allen Patton agreed to take the job and for the band this was the best thing that could happen not only did they have a new singer they had a new sound a Hybrid of Metal, funk, Rap and techno with clean vocals and energy the band even had top a ten single in the UK (Epic).
The Band Seemed Invinceble right up until their third release with Patton (King For A Day) where the band were dealing with numerous personal and profesional Problems this was the first album they had made without the presence of Jim martin on guitar, a lot of emotin is heard through this album Roddy Bottum didnt have much of a part in wrighting this album as he was dealing with the death of his farther and his rehabilitation of a Drug Habit. Jim martin was replaced by Trey spruance (Mr Bungle, secret chiefs 3) trey never actually toured with Faith No More he was sacked he was unable to commit to the hectic touring schedule which Faith No More endured with each release.
He was then replaced by Dean Menta who toured with them but didnt appear on the last album they released (album of the year) the reason for Dean's exit was that the writing process for the new album wasn't working out. He was was later replaced by Jon Hudson who was the bands last Guitarest and contributed to the wrighting of Album Of the year!
Even tho the Bands relationship was volotile and at times under a lot of presure this was a Key ingredient in the bands wrighting and the controversey was part of the reason why People loved them so much! The Band Influenced and Still manages to influence Many new Metal bands to this day not only that but people blame thenm for the invention of Nu Metal!
We care A Lot (Chuck)
Introduce yourself (Chuck)
The real thing (patton)
Live At Brixton Academy
Angel Dust
King For a Day (fool for a life time)
Album of the Year
Who cares a lot ( the greatest Hits)
This Is It (the best of)
Faith no More are the greatest band that ever lived!
Also check out Mr Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk!
by mike doom July 15, 2004
Wank Biscuit is a game played by a group of 3 or over males! It involves all males participating to masturbate until they ejaculate onto a biscuit or cookie of thier choice preferably a digestive! All males must ejaculate onto the biscuit! The loser is the last male to ejaculate onto the now high protine snack! As a forfiet the loser must eat the biscuit!
BOB: who wants to play wank Biscuit?
Dave: Erm......No!
Sam: Yeah!
Rick: Go on then!
Pete: Okay!
Bob: HA! Three against one Dave your Playin!
Dave: For fuck sake! I never win?
Bob: You love it you sick fuck!
by mike doom July 12, 2004
gaids is a disease that goths get from having sex and drug partys together its kinda like aids but darker and more depressing! also known as goth aids.
Goff kid: Are you going to Dark Cide this week!
Rock Kid : Am I fuck everyone there has gaids! (Rock kid gets hardline then unleashes an unrelenting attack on goff kid being careful not to get his evil black gaid ridden doom blood on him)
by mike doom July 13, 2004

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