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20 definitions by mike d

it is a rather complex word used in place of a phrase such as yeah right
hey do you want to suck my dick "ahhfff"
by mike d October 20, 2003
1 3
see babylons, ~> a whole mountain range of breasts
"i'd love to stroll accross her babylonians"
by mike d March 21, 2005
4 11
An old man trying to describe the act of masturbation.
Your grandfather walks in on you and says: "I saw you boy, you was yakina!"
by Mike D March 14, 2003
2 12
To connect a tube from the anus to the mouth to allow the flow of feces between two people.
Yo I jus sinbadded this biach
by mike d May 27, 2003
9 26
to jerk the neck portion of the body like a penis
Jock robb grabbed his neck and began to neck off
by mike d October 20, 2003
6 27
1. expensive skater brand clothing

2. affectionate name for your penis
she tugged on my billabong real hard
by mike d June 02, 2005
8 37