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squelchmeat is the perfect tits and bum,with a face to match,makes you crash

your car or motorcycle or anything your driving/riding.

think of smooth wet or oily flesh that may squeak when squeased or rubbed sensually.
i saw this "squelchmeat" along the 1412, her tits/arse were bouncing like Rossis suspension, then the scotty burst and i recieved first degree burns to my cock.
jeez, that bird i knocked off last night was wet, she squirted till she farted then slapped me with her tits till my lips were swollen (got to include the lesbos too).
by mik63 August 12, 2007
a light or dark brown pigmentation found on either sexs underwear, fingers, nose, tongue, which curiously smells of stilton or gorgonzola, perhaps parmesan...cheese strongly, almost to the point of revultion when in realization its probably from the bum-hole arse.
baby, you left some arse cheese on the towel/quilt again......
by mik63 August 17, 2007
an older person that has very little sense. whatever theyve done and they know theyre in the wrong, they fall into the catagory of "soft".this is usually used when small children and old ladies are around, stil..old ladies are not exempt from the term which means......
old grumpy get, pushing a wheelchair with his elderly mother in it, deliberately rams into your achilles....the retort would be "stupid old fucking twat"
or "s.o.f.t. cunt"
by mik63 August 13, 2007

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