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It means: How are You?
Steve: haay!
Louise: Hey
Steve: Fawaka?
Louise: fine:) and you?
Steve: Good
by Mii December 30, 2004
Halloween is an ancient Celtic festival that celebrates (or celebrated) the Lord of the Dead. During their festivals, they dressed in scary costumes and carved scary faces on turnips (and now pumpkins) to scare the evil demons away, and made huge bonfires where they burnt offerings to the pagan gods (like vegetables and children - nice mix, huh?)

Later, since the Pagans wouldn't stop their death celebrations, the Christian church changed the name to All Saints' day (a celebration of the Christian saints instead) and voilà! Now everyone's beliefs are combined and everyone is happy. Then from that was All Hollow's Eve, and so on and so forth until it was Halloween.

Now, little kids run around in princess costumes collecting candy from strangers and decorating their homes with death symbols.

...I'm sure that the princess costumes did a much better job at scaring the demons.
Person: Hey, what are you being for Halloween this year?
Other person: I'm gonna be a witch with freaky hair. What are you gonna be?
Person: Haha, I'm gonna be a dead cheerleader.
by mii October 31, 2004
A hyperactive term for something/someone that is "the rocker, awesomely awesome, etc."

Normally used as a joke; pretending to be someone who cannot spell, and is so hyper beyond reasoning that they just smack the keyboard a few times and whatever comes out IS.

...And then there are the serious people.

person: omgz Your site is teh r0x0rrz!1 xD =D
other person: xD omgz thankers!1! X3 n_n
by mii November 01, 2004
This has many meanings.
Some common ones are Less than three <3, a sideways heart <3 (normally meaning love), and a face <3.
The < is the eyes/eyebrows, in a.. well, happy position. Kinda. And the mouth, 3, is like an animal mouth. Kinda.
Such as :3, =3, ;3, and so on.
But basically, whether a heart or a happy face, the meaning usually comes out as love or happiness.
Ad more threes and exclamation marks to show that the emotion is more.
I <3 Kitties.
omgz! <333!! Thankyooo!
Less than three <3 and more than one >1
by mii November 01, 2004

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