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Drummer's are the most important people in any kind of musical ensemble- they keep the beat and usually sport amazingly sexy hair. However, even though this concept hasn't been documented yet in urban dictionary, drummers are, unfortunately (or fortunately; whatever) the band members who usually agree to give head. So they are, in effect, the knob-jobs of the musical world- hence why so many women fans are crazy about drummers. Drummers are usually male, but female variation do occur.
person A- "check out that fit drummer and his sexy hair"
person B- "huh? AH yes, i see him now. What a stud! He keeps the beat very well."
person A- "yes, you're right. I reckon he'd give me head"
person B- "why yes! I completely agree with you. I feel like some knob job too. WOW- i didnt realize i was gay: i just suggested a man give me head"
by mighty1 March 15, 2006

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