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My school. A pretty awesome place considering you're in the middle nowhere since the people bring the big town life here with them. Known for its academics and sports among many other things.

As a high school senior, I had to choose among a near infinite amount of East coast universities to attend, eventually realizing the greatness that was just an hour down the interstate. They're also pretty selective. I was one of 5,600 freshmen accepted from a pool of over 20,000 applicants in 2008.

Some facts:
-We do have a formidable football team, although many (and myself) could care less if it gets too gung ho.
-(In response to a blatant misconception I heard) We don't fuck the cows here. That's just gross.
-The students here are really chill and easy to hang with. There's something here for everyone.
-Great Engineer and Architecture programs. Even beats, dare I say it, UVA...
-The largest full time student population in Virginia.
-The party scene here is commendable. Plenty of frat and apartment venues to get you pissed on a weekly basis if you desire.
-Guy/Girl ratio is approaching a cool 50/50, up from being slightly more sausage a few years ago. (so no need to fret)
-Totally awesome guy: I'm so stoked that I'm going to Virginia Tech this fall! Engineering or Architecture, I don't care, I just want to go!
-Totally awesome guy's totally awesome friend:
Good for you! I got accepted into UVa to study business this fall, their program was a big plus to me.
-1st Guy: *friendly jest* Oh yeah? I guess we'll see your team's ass on the gridiron come November you zima-sippin first-year prick.
-Friend: *similar jest* Very funny you cow screwin' hick, why don't you whistle to your quarterback boyfriend through your missing front tooth while you slap the back of your sunburnt neck and spit your chaw!
-1st Guy: .... ummmm, yeahhhh...
-Friend: I went to far didn't I?...
#vpi #prestigious #rivalry #university #uva
by mickgriddle17 May 07, 2009
The 44th President of the U.S.A.

Nov 4th 2008: Dude, I just waited 2 hours at the polls to vote for Barack Obama, possibly the best 2 hours of my life.
Jan 20th 2009: That's right Obama, you rock that White House!
Jan 21st 2009: His first project, the "Presidential Residence Remodeling plan" is completed, gilding the White House with pure platinum and gold leaf, installing a 1 bajillion watt sound system, 27 jacuzzis, and growing a giant Africa-shaped garden in the back (among other changes), effectively making it "The Black House".

"Dude, I'm actually proud to live in this country now!"
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by mickgriddle17 November 04, 2008
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