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2 definitions by michs777

shubi is an abbrieviation of "shut up bitch" and is often used in cultures around the leeds area. it is often thought it originated from the german descdents of horsforth. (pronounced shoooobi). it can also be used in other dialects to close an argument.
x says: u messed that up didnt you!?

y says: shubi (often followed by a smile)
by michs777 May 14, 2010
when a man or woman chews the used condom which has just been used in anal sex, usually the condom will have shit on it, thus will be brown (chocolate). sometimes it will be shared between the two sexual partners as a treat after the anal activity.
x says: babe you want the choco gum?

Y: u no it, we will share!
by michs777 June 22, 2010