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A condition in which part of your brain tissue is displaced and then bulges out. This state occurs due to the absorption of too much information memorized for an exam and forgotten immediately after taking said exam. Usually take place during college finals. Condition should be taken seriously and is best assuaged by watching television, eating junk food, or in case of emergencies, mindlessly staring at a blank wall.
First guy: "Man, I totally got a mental hernia from memorizing all that BS for my exams."

Second guy: "No worries, just stare at that wall."
by michiganmayday April 18, 2010
A large mass of curly hair that resembles an Afro, but is sported by a Jew. Jewfros are typically seen as hip and sexy if grown out to the proper length. Jewish guys with curly hair are the only one's who can officially sport a Jewfro, but other white guys can have an imitation Jewfro Only some people can pull off this look.
"Check out that guy's Jewfro! It's so awesome, I think I want to grow out my locks into a fro too!"
by michiganmayday April 12, 2010

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