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everyone's definitions are completely false. i live in michigan and most of what everyone's saying is based on the northern part of it. up north IS ugly, every time we go to our cottage i get really freaked out by all the hicks.

but where i live (oakland county) it's an absolutely gorgeous state. every few miles there's another beautiful lake and the summers are never boring because EVERYONE has a boat.

1. michiganders DO have accents. we pronounce our t's in the middle of words like "city" and "cottage" as d's (ciddy, coddage) and most of the time the t's at the end of words are dropped when we talk. we pronounce our a's in a very nasally tone like "that" is th-yaat, "bathroom" b-yaaathroom, and so on.

2. detroit is NOT that bad! there are some very nice parts of it but also very bad places.
#michigander #mitten #u.p & l.p #great lakes #oakland county
by michiganderrr March 29, 2009
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