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Someone who is being aggressive towards a bro.
Brogressor: you wanna fight bro!?

Bro: what'd you say!?

Bro #2: back off you brogressor
by michaelrulesyou May 02, 2013
The strong almost homosexual bond bro's have. Hanging out, going to party's together, and riding around in there bromobiels, are all just examples of bro's expressing there inner bromosexuality. Bromosexual bonds are strong and bro would be willing to go through a bropacalypse for each other, and often group together to protect other bro's from hostile brogressor's.
Bro #1: hey stop eyeing my girl bro, you wanna go!?

Brogressor: even know who your dealing with!?

Bromosexuals 2,3,4,5,...: responses range from threatening the brogressor directly, bringing attention to the conflict and telling the original bro that they "got yo back man" repeatedly

Brogressor: ow yo a buncha bromosexuals, get yo bromosexuality outa my face.
by michaelrulesyou May 02, 2013

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