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When getting a blowjob and a girl scrapes your shit with her teeth
So and So was givin me head and started teethin so I punched that bitch in the face.
by Michaellee33 April 04, 2005
Monkeyhumpers are from the usually people infected with dysturbedstatic's disease. They have an alarming urge to have anal sex with monkeys. please see also:
and my favorite
That monkeyhumper just doesn't know when to quit humping, does he? When they bleed you just have to give up.
by michaellee33 April 05, 2005
Stupid ass movie that Ben Stiller is in to bring his acting career back with. Sometimes refered to as 'That stupid movie with Ben Stiller'. Also, a term to mean smaking a chick in her head so she sees stars and then putting her in a hutch
"That bitch was teethin so I Starsky and Hutched her.
by Michaellee33 April 04, 2005
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