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A male masturbating game. Contestants all jack off onto a digestive biscuit.whoever shoots his load first onto the biscuit is deemed the winner! The loser.... eats the biscuit
Oh man, what a night! we played soggy biscuit again, Atkins came straightaway and I had to eat the cookie!
by michael kavanagh January 19, 2004
The guy that always takes the fall! A loser!! The nice guy that finishes last everytime...
Also used when describing a weak minded man who lets his girlfriend/ wife walk all over him.
"Baz is such patsy, he's taken her back again even though she sucked that guys cock!" "yeah man, proper patsy"
by michael kavanagh March 21, 2005
Sperm, Jizz
cover me in come,
i want it in my face,
bathe me in your manmilk
i want it now
by michael kavanagh January 19, 2004
semen on the glans or foreskin.
often relating to pre-cum but can also mean ejaculate left on the cock after sex.
Well know term used in Derby (midlands UK)
Greasy steves hands reached out to my milky tip.
by michael kavanagh August 04, 2004
a bit like 'thanks for nothing'
what! you guys are going to Ibiza without telling me? cheers easy lads!
by michael kavanagh January 19, 2004
Often refers to a homosexual,the passive one that gets the butt-fuck!
Bite the pillow lad.. i'm comin in dry!!

Barrys mum was so ashamed of her son! she wanted an ankle biter n ended up wiv a fackin pillow biter!!!
by michael kavanagh April 15, 2005

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