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experiences in a public bathroom, sitting next to someone 'deffing' in a loud manner! -general deffing experiences in public facilities
i had a close encounter of the turd kind at the airport 'bowls'

someone 'deffing' next to me provided a close encounter of the turd kind!
by michael foolsley January 10, 2010
long time at a traffic light!
at that 'evil' light, i looked at the neighboring driver and saw a skin covered skeleton behind the wheel!!l
by michael foolsley January 04, 2010
get something away from you; out of your sight

-the concept of "disposable" is a gray area! when an item exhausts its' 'working life', it becomes "disposable"!! ie: it can no longer perform the 'work' it was intended to perform. it can (and MAY) still exist for all eternity!!, but has become a non-entity to you! -the $64,000 question is WHERE it is "disposed" TO!!

some items are designed specifically to be "disposable"!!??
i don't envy those 'mopping up' years down the line, when i'm 'stone dead' and 'space' is replaced by bodies and "disposable" items -i guess they'll blast all this crap into 'space'
john finished with the jenkins girl and she became disposable.
i threw my "disposable" razor into the garbage can.
all my disposable 'ravings' have become tiresome! lets' go 'conservative', or get 'fucked up'! (preferably the latter!!)
by michael foolsley December 30, 2009
non-worship of body fat
hey john, look at those two! (response) -i don't buy in bulk!
that is one hot human! (response) -i don't buy in bulk!
by michael foolsley December 05, 2009
strike out at the pick-up bar, nothing to load, no work
john had tools and a load of freight, but nothing to load; he had the ol' teamster's blues!
by michael foolsley December 05, 2009
group of humans awaiting sex
(you choose name) was working on him/herself while waiting his/her turn in a fire line
by michael foolsley December 02, 2009
high enough to still function reasonably sanely, no need to go to the top of the mountain! -smart people get a 'guide' for that!

(-NEVER do LSD, hallucinogenics ALONE!!! -sorting fantasy from reality does indeed become a considerable problem! alone -advice from an old line 'hop head' )
i was plateauing pretty nicely when that record came on, i was seeing trails and visuals in somewhat of a liquid state!
by michael foolsley November 24, 2009

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