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307 definitions by michaeL

Down Low, i.e. undercover.
On the DL (down low)
by Michael February 02, 2005
When you have to take a crap so bad that it feels as though the turd is moving in and out.
I have to use the restroom so bad that Im prairie dogging it.
by michael November 11, 2003
Correctly spelled "Konnichiwa", it is japanese for "Good Afternoon"
Konnichiwa Tanakachan. Hirugohan wa nani o tabemashita ka?
by Michael February 21, 2005
A highly prestigious midwestern university specializing in engineering and technology.
The hick from Shelbyville, Indiana couldn't get accepted into Purdue so he had to settle for a second rate education at Indiana University Community College in Bloomington. Unfortunately, his hero Bob Knight had been fired so IU was left without a single team capable of winning anything.
by Michael November 20, 2003
nothing better than
the illest piece of damn pie you could eat
by michael April 20, 2003
his mom is a m.i.l.f
by michael October 07, 2003
(Chinese/Japanese/?) name for Rock-Paper-Scissors
by Michael October 30, 2003