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ok i live in manalapan. it is filled with kids who are emo one day and ghetto the next. you can get some of the finest weed in school bathrooms , and walk around the halls and see kids dealing drugs right in the open. Boys soccer is the biggest in manalapan 2nd in state. dont use your "athletic ability" to try and get popular. by wearing a varisty jacket and leggings doesnt make you cooler. and neither does wearing an oversized shirt with leggings and uggs. you look rediculous put some pants on! the only place where you can drive 10minutes to get to the freehold mall and spend all your parents money without caring. and if your not at the mall on friday nights then your not cool? bullshit! go to the freehold mall on friday night, you will be able to find the whole population of manalapan there.
her; hey its friday night what do you want to do?

frind: Malvies!!!! mall and movies every manalapaners friday night.
by mhs -2010 February 01, 2007
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