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A rich town located in Central Jersey. This is a place where guys and girls claim that they're "New Yorkers" or "Staten Islanders", even though they moved here when they were fucking ten. The fact that this is the whitest town ever does not explain how guys magically develop ghetto accents and walk with a limp...must be in the water. Other than shopping at Nordstrom's for their COACH bag, Manalapan girls entertain themselves by watching shitty shows like "Laguna Beach" and "My super sweet 16." With Manalapan being 85% Jewish, you have no choice but to listen to loud whiny mothers at the supermarket, and annoying fathers bragging about how they low-balled the Mercedes dealer.
Josh: I'm from New York!
Ken: We been in the same class since kindergarten...your from Manalapan you fag

by Joe Buddens March 02, 2008
A town that was once full of cornfields, but is now full of assholes.
Oh My GAW-d, they're finally opening up that second Best Buy at the Manalapan Epicentre, y'know, across the street from circuit city and next to Staples!?
by Ratchel December 28, 2007
A town where the boys think they're tough ghetto hoods because they live in a multi million dollar mansion, do pot, and have a 10,000 diamond cross around their neck. The girls solve their issues by throwing their designer hand bags at each other. And everyones emo. And the sad part, Everyone loves living here =D.
"DADDY, I DON'T WANT TO GO TO PARIS, I WANT TO GO TO EUROPE!" -- Typical Manalapan girl.
by Pr3ttyINp1NK August 14, 2006
A town In Jersey where MOST of the kids are spoiled rotten. Drama is infested here because no one is happy with their lives so they mess someone elses up. In this town kids are wannabees and think theyre cool if they have the new Juicy bag. MATERIAL is a girls bestfriend here. The guys are all jerks. Most girls are skanks PULL YOUR PANTS UP OR YOUR SHIRT DOWN. Pot grows on trees, you can find it pretty much anywhere. The cops are like at every corner and give you tickets for anything. The Freehold Mall is where themmm gangsters be at oh i meann those rich jewish boys who WANT TO BE GANGSTER *go to Trenton and do this lets see if you get beat up * WHERE CHELSEA ROTH & HER NINE GROUP THINK THEY OWN THE PLACE. well guess what girliess yahh dont its NOT YOUR TOWN!
Amanda Vanderstar: hey chelss lets ask daddy to take up to florida in are jets and while were at it lets start drama by making fun of the kids who dont have as much money as us in Manalapan

Chelsea Roth: sure vandaaa!
by BriannaIStheSHIT June 26, 2009
ok i live in manalapan. it is filled with kids who are emo one day and ghetto the next. you can get some of the finest weed in school bathrooms , and walk around the halls and see kids dealing drugs right in the open. Boys soccer is the biggest in manalapan 2nd in state. dont use your "athletic ability" to try and get popular. by wearing a varisty jacket and leggings doesnt make you cooler. and neither does wearing an oversized shirt with leggings and uggs. you look rediculous put some pants on! the only place where you can drive 10minutes to get to the freehold mall and spend all your parents money without caring. and if your not at the mall on friday nights then your not cool? bullshit! go to the freehold mall on friday night, you will be able to find the whole population of manalapan there.
her; hey its friday night what do you want to do?

frind: Malvies!!!! mall and movies every manalapaners friday night.
by mhs -2010 February 01, 2007
a town where guidos fight the poser ghetto kids and skaters. also the jewish kids who think there italian go around and mess with the "hood" kids who live in mansions. In this town adults dont feel like doing any thing themselves so they hire a mexican to do it.
poser guido jewish kid: yo dont i look like a cool guido right off the streets of brooklyn. im the coolest kid in manalapan.

Normanl kid: no u dont u look like u walked out of temple and the rabbi gave u a hair cut.

rich wife: honey the light bulb is out again

rich husband: ok i will get juan to fix it
by i am better than u!!! December 19, 2007
Drama Drama Drama, everyone in this town is a spoiled brat. noone has to work because mommy and daddy will buy u a new bmw if you pass gym class. the parents are nieve to the amount of drugs their kids do, and some even join in with the kids, Ridiculously bad drivers claim the narrow streets of this cop infested town. the boys think their hood, and the girls slut themselves around. but hey, gotta love it.
hi i live in manalapan, therefore i am a slut.
by satisfiied December 11, 2006
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