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A pokemon that was cloned from a fusion clone machine. Lucario is a mix of Chuck Norris and a wolf. It is said that it truly only kicks ass because of his aura. Its aura is a powerful mistic blue crimson explosion of lights expanding through out the skys. Regigigas is its rival for a while they hated each other. Also when in contact with a Pikachu, Lucario tends to kick it in the balls.
Mike: My Lucario owned your Pikachu like if Chuck Norris had no arms.
Bobby: Yea... maybe because your Lucario kicked my Pikachu in the balls.
Pikachu: *Runs around like a chicken with its head cut off and crys like a baby*
Lucario: You are just a little N00BBBBBBB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike: I wish you get a tougher pokemon.
by mewone2000 October 11, 2009
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