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2 definitions by metatron5369

A level of futility in Major League Baseball, reserved for teams that consistently underperforms, and are little more than a farm team to the rest of the leagues come trade time.

A reference to the minor leagues of baseball, the highest of which is AAA (Triple-A).
With seventeen consecutive losing seasons, and eight of their nine starters from 2007 traded away, the Pittsburgh Pirates ought to be relegated to AAAA (Quadruple-A).
by metatron5369 July 31, 2009
The final phase of the integrated car assembly and metal stamping production at Buick Motor Division's former headquarters. Idled and tore down in 1999.

Or, alternatively, the entire production site that included axles, springs, motors, etc. (pretty much the entire car).

Also adopted by Flint, Michigan as a nickname because Buick and General Motors were created there.
To anyone outside of Flint, "Buick City" means Flint.
To anyone who lives in Flint, "Buick City" means the Buick site.
To anyone who works at "The Buick", "Buick City" meant the vehicle assembly and metal fabrication operations.
by metatron5369 August 12, 2007