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A comedian who first appeared on MADtv doing impressions. His most famous impressions include, George Bush, John Madden, Al Pacino, Bill Clinton, Jerry Seinfeld, Scooby Doo and many others. You can see him on FOX NFL SUNDAY, and Frank TV.
Frank Caliendo - Because that's what Picino does. He takes little kids sayings and turns them into tough guy phrases, no matter what the situation is...

Someone comes and says the mob is gunna come and kick your ass.

You sir, are a liar. Liar liar, your pants are on firrreeee!!!! lol
by metallkidd93 January 06, 2008
Something I want to eat for dinner.
Chicken and watermelon is f*cking delicious.
by metallkidd93 January 06, 2008
The second single from Jay-Z's album "American Gangster". Rolling Stone magazine called "roc boys" the best song of 2007.

The song "Roc Boys" is black superhero music. lol
by metallkidd93 January 15, 2008
A song written my Ryan Tedder and Jesse McCartney, for Leona Lewis' debut album Spirit.

This is her second single of that album.
I don't care what they say,
I'm in love with you.
They try to pull me away,
but they don't know the truth!

This is uber deep! Bleeding Love is a great song!
by metallkidd93 February 23, 2008
The King of Comedy. He likes chicken, too!
Dave Chappelle - F*ck Aston Kutcher!


Dave Chappelle's dick has more talent than Dane Cook.
by metallkidd93 February 23, 2008
A kick ass song, and it's not about sex and fudging...

The lyrics are about "Lust at First Sight".

Thanks wikipedia!
Be on the look out for LiL Wayne to remix this song!

Love in This Club is a great song, and maybe a comeback song for Usher!
by metallkidd93 March 10, 2008
The only Knick I would trust with the ball, in the 4th quarter...
"Knicks are trailing 88 to 90 with 10 seconds to go!"

"Nate Robinson puts up the three! Ohhh, missed badly..."

Damn, should have gave the ball to Jamal Crawford.
by metallkidd93 March 20, 2008

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