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A highly addictive videogame.
And don't go to elixir wars unless you want a headache.
omg my r6 can pwn ur noob.
by meowlet June 05, 2005
1. A term for meow that is exceptionally cute.

2. The name of a certain person who thinks she is a cat.
1. person 1 - "meowlet"

2. person 1 - "What's your name?"
person 2 - "meowlet"
person 1 - "What?"
person 2 - "meow?"
by meowlet June 05, 2005
1. The french word for ocean/sea.
2. A Nine Inch Nails song that kicks ass.
1. "(insert french words) mer (more french words)"
"Ze sea ees beeutifal at dis time ov night, oui?"

2. "What are you listening to?"
"nin - la mer"
by meowlet June 05, 2005
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