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One of the best bright eyes songs ever written.
Once in a blue moon
There's a blue sky
I wear my blue jeans and fly my blue kite
Hangs like a bluebird, until the wind dies
And then the tears pour
Out of my blue eyes

If it's your birthday
We'll bake a blue cake
And then we'll eat it off these blue plates
'Cause kid I don't know much about you
But I like you
because you're true blue
by meow123 August 25, 2006
A cable-access kids' show also meant for adults. A combination of Sesame Street and Pee Wee's playhouse boasting an ever-expanding musical guest list such as Arcade Fire and Bright Eyes.

Produced in Washington, the show is a collection short, bizzare, and funny skits. For filmmaker and producer Stuckey, "Pancake Mountain is a response to what he views as dumbed-down children's programming made toxic by an overdose of advertising and product placement. If his low-budget half-hour show can entertain kids without marketing to them, then Stuckey, the 40-year-old father of two teenage girls, will consider it a success."
http://youtube.com/watch?v=8R11BoohWGQ Conor Oberst on Pancake Mountain!
by meow123 August 26, 2006

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