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any person who in an incredible act of stupidity and retardedness votes for or supports a man who cannot speak english, cant balance his own damn checkbook(let alone an entire nation), wastes his and our money, cant even show up two weekends a month two weeks a year to the army national guard, looks like a monkey and is just plain stupid but still says he doesn't give our nation a bad name.
Any conservative as*hole who suports "W"
by Mendoza October 28, 2003
A San Franciscan who started playing at the age of 15. Now the lead guitarist in metallica Hammet is pushing the limits of guitarists. But one question why no solos on St. Anger?
kirk hammett is legendary
by Mendoza October 28, 2003
adjective; describing someone as something with which on may wipe his arse with.
You're a arse wipe, you are...
by mendoza January 05, 2004

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