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- A derivation of wordfoshizzleword, originally meaning "Holla nigga!", which in caucasian terms is "How are you doing today, comrade?"

"Forcheesy my neazy, holla back!"
by Mendel March 25, 2003
A nickname for someone who played hockey in the early 90's.
Pass it to chux he'll score one for the team.
by mendel December 09, 2003
- n.

The largest size of latex condoms produced. Generally only used by African Americans (brothas).
Tyrese was so big, even Magnum's weren't enough to contain him.
by Mendel March 25, 2003
An extremely ignorant person. Someone who has no clue what is going on around them.
That Chux is such a hammerball. He doesnt know whats going on.
by mendel December 09, 2003

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