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One of New York City's oldest neighbrohoods. Harlem has history. I mean mad history. Harlem is a famous neighborhood that homed many famous people, and I don't mean these whack-ass rap artists. The layout in Harlem has many pre-war row houses, apartment buildings and many other type of housings. There is also A LOT of famous places in this neighborhood, which varies through restaurants to arts & music to cultural places. Very well known to the famous Apallo Theater. Streets are named after famous people as well, such as 'Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard' and 'Malcolm X Avenue'. Harlem also has neighboring districts such as 'East Harlem, 'Sugar Hill', 'Hamilton Heights', 'Marble Hill' and many others. Neighborhoods near Harlem would be 'Washington Heights', 'Inwood' and the 'Upper East Side'.

However, Harlem was completely ruined by crime after the '40s. Crime went up to a huge %70, but in the past few years the neighborhood has gotten better and crime went down %64 thanks to (former) Mayor Roudolf Guiliani and (present) Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
Harlem is a great place to visit.
by menace2ny April 28, 2006
great tasting African American food. the best soul food restaurant is in harlem, new york city at sylvias soul food.
man i love soul food.
by menace2ny May 07, 2006
the famous hip hop group that started it all. members where wonder mike, master gee and big bang hank. the sugar hill gang came straight out of sugar hill in harlem, new york city. the group was very popular in the mid 70s when they first came out, with their 2 number 1 hits 'rappers delight' and '8th wonder/apache'.
sugar hill gang is hip hop in its truest and realest form.
by menace2ny May 05, 2006

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