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Mediocre humans looking for the high road, which also coincides with the easy road. These individuals are often recognized by unkempt or "strange" hairstyles, large holes in their ears, lots of tattoos, and an immense sense of political-correctness (sometimes translated to self-righteousness). These can also be individuals who are leftovers from burning man and find solace in folk music (hippie-punks). Most-often found in the Pacific Northwest, especially Portland.
I'll give you twenty bucks if we walk down Alberta after 9pm and don't see one Granola Punk.
by memphiscreep October 06, 2010
Anal sex without lube.
Since the convenience store was closed and there was no lube left in the tube, the only pleasure they would find was in a dusty barn.
by memphiscreep October 06, 2010
Having sex while some part of your body touches your own vomit.
Dude, I was so wasted that we ended up banging in a Jersey Closet.
by memphiscreep October 06, 2010

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