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when someone pisses on someone else's shit and dissolves it into a orangish-shit like substance.
"The toilet's been broke all day and everyone been making poop marmalade."
by membersmarktp1 September 26, 2009
A future fashion style in which baggy pants are tucked into knee high boots causing ones pants to look like mushrooms.
"Dude check out the size of that guys shroom pants!"
"I wish i could afford a good pair of shroom pants!"
by membersmarktp1 September 26, 2009
When a man puts his penis on the crown of ones head and yells "hot dog"!
"That guy just gave that Mexican a hotdog hat"
by membersmarktp1 September 26, 2009
When you feel compelled to do something but are anchored in place by the fact you are taking a dump or cleaning your rectum.
Bob: "Are you going to run up here and get your dog off my front porch?"
Me: "I would but I just cast off my shit anchor."
Bob: "Well hell, I understand, see you in about 3 hours."
by membersmarktp1 September 12, 2014
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