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2 definitions by mello_scrilla

means a 1963 chevy impala. One of the most common cars used for lowriders.
I'm lowridin homey, six trey Impala
Gold D's spinnin, chrome hydraulics
(Westside Story The Game)
by mello_scrilla December 19, 2005
120 11
One of the 9 rappers that makes up the Wu-Tang Clan. The Group includes: Prince (The RZA) Rakeem, Raekwon, Method Man, GhostFace Killah, Genius (GZA), U-God, Master Killa, Inspectah Deck and of course Ol' Dirty Bastard. His other alias' include ODB, Big Baby Jesus,and Dirt McGirt. Real name Russel Tyrone Jones.
Ol' Dirty Bastard a.k.a Big Baby Jesus a.k.a Dirt McGirt.
by mello_scrilla December 14, 2005
83 8