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Not sad but upset more along the emotional sense. When some hurts your feelings you can be hurt panda.
Wow you really hurt my feelings.. I am a hurt panda.
by meldarican May 08, 2011
when you are not understanding what is going on, or not aware of the scenario
I have no clue what is going on? I wouldn't even know where to start the project.. I am a confused panda
by meldarican May 08, 2011
When you have too much to drink and you have lost your control to think straight. Means u had a good time

drunk panda
I was wasted last night and became a drunk panda. Or i was a drunken panda
by meldarican May 08, 2011
the emotion of being angry. Not happy with people actions causes you to be angry
I cant believe you said that you are making me an angry panda. Your actions are causing me to become an angry panda
by meldarican May 08, 2011

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