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A band with a reputation for being whiny and dull, but from an objective viewpoint:
1. At least Morrissey meant it, Coldplay/Travis etc. sure as hell don't.
2. At least they had a wry sense of humour, they *knew* they were moping, the joke was on them
3. They were still quite, quite brilliant.
Morrissey just isn't as good solo as he was with Marr in the Smiths
by Melchy May 30, 2004
An alternative to 'fuck' that the Doctor Who New Adventures books had to adopt in the early 90s to avoid losing their licence. Because its not obvious what it means...
The BBC have told us to stop saying fbleeeep, what a bunch of fragging cruckers!
by Melchy May 22, 2004
An embarressment to New Labour because he belives in outdated things like Social justice and speaking plainly.

Drives two jags, so what, lots of people have two cars, at least these ones are British related.

Oh and once punched some mullet headed hick because he thought that the hick had started to attack him.
round 1: John '2 jags' Prescott v. Farmer '3 Toyotas, 2 Subarus and 6 tractors' Giles
by melchy May 31, 2004

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