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mishal....not much can be said about this simpleton. Mishal often enjoys his school days chasing others all over the school without realising they are not there! He is stupid enough to think that a certain someone was in love with him coughmelcough. Mishal has also not mastered the art of sellotape and/or blue tack, once being heard to ask a teacher (referring to sellotape) "sir how does this work" and "sir i lost my book then found it yesterday then lost it again".
Mishal often has a habit of doing dumb things in an attempt to impress people and has unfortunate facial disfigurement such as acne that make carl van tonders face look normal and a perennial gormless expression that makes people wonder whether mishal really understands complicated words such as "i" or "and". In short mishal is thick and has the mental age of a pre-conceived foetus (does that make sense?)o well mishals stupid.
"people dont make that retarded face or u may end up looking like mishal"
by melaineeeeeeeeeeeeee April 08, 2005

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