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(n.) A person engaged in the study of tweetology.

(n.) An expert tweeter.
Due to a very poor grasp of the Twitter phenomenon, she sought the advice of her local tweetologist for guidance.
by megu2phan April 22, 2011
The study of the Twitter phenomenon and it's impact on human social interaction.
The resident expert on Tweetology informed us that our hashtag skills were, at best, elementary.
by megu2phan April 22, 2011
verb: To write a thesis or the act of working on a rather extensive thesis project.

verb (alt.): To overuse text within the body of your thesis proposal, in some cases making the proposal more exciting than the thesis actually will be.
She sat at her computer all morning thesizing, only to have finished part of her bibliography by noon.

She was thesizing eloquently and for a moment believed that this thesis wasn't going to be so bad after all.
by megu2phan November 06, 2010

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