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basically, awsome. a snipe can be a noun (person place or thing) and a verb. it cannot be a adverb (ex. snipley {prounounced snipe-lee.} thats a fail.) only ballers, bosses, and g's can use this term. others (who are non-snipes) cannot use this without becoming a poser.
antonyms: fail
Situation: You and your friend are at Dunkin Donuts. You got a 25 box of Munchkins and there is only one chocolate left. You grab it out of the box before your friend can. You are allowed to exclaim, "Snipe!"

Situation: You are at a basketball game and a player totally aces a three pointer. It is appropriate to say, "What a snipe!"
by meghanchristensen January 16, 2010

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