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To ditto a word or sentence above you. Can be used on forums or on an Instant Messenger.
Person 1: See ya later brozef.
Person 2: "
by Megalomaniac October 14, 2005
A word to describe that something is "1337", leet, or elite.
Noob 1: deaude! chekc out my ub3r h4x!
Noob 2: Yep, those aer teh 1337ness.
by Megalomaniac October 14, 2005
Online ego measured by the size of one's own penis.
Neaub3 just gawt fuxing sc0n3d, his e-pen0r must be brox0rd now. lawl, rifk.
by Megalomaniac October 14, 2005
Online high five. E-five.
James: I scored with that chick from the bar last night.
Joe: No shit? E-five!
James: E-five? Now that's just fucking gay.
by Megalomaniac October 14, 2005
A catapult fashioned from an erect penis. Often used for launching cashews into your mouth because it contours nicely. (A "craze" started by Dane Cook).
I was walking around my kitchen with a stubborn erection and I spotted a jar of cashews. Well I placed one on the tip of my dong and cockapulted it up into my mouth.
by Megalomaniac October 14, 2005
Slang synonym for brother, often used sarcastically. Used by Jack Black on Anchorman after Will Ferrell throws a burrito out his window at Mr. Black.
Person 1: *throws* burrito at adjacent vehicle

Ex. 2
Person 1: I'm gonna beat your ass.
Person 2: Okay there brozef.
by Megalomaniac October 14, 2005
One big happy family.
Dad: With your brother back home, we are once again an OBHF.
Son: Wow, how lame are you for using an acronym like that verbally.
by Megalomaniac October 14, 2005

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