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comment term for when a spy saps your sentry, or dispenser. It is also you when a spy back stabs some one close to you with out harming you in the slightest. Spy in my boot is used comically when a spy is a returning problem. Other similar phrases are "there's a spy in my soup, oatmeal, or gahhhhhh"
Demo man: That damn spy has terminated half our team, and destroyed our convenient support systems produced, and distributed by engis."

Sniper: "Watch behind your back!!!!"

Demo man: "Gahhhhhh!!"

Sniper: "damn it there's a spy in my boot."
by mega_madness August 07, 2009
A ghey scaler is some one that out of habit will deliver a humorous insult by "producing" a scale. The insulter describes something as being on a scale from one to ten, but rather than giving a number they say "thats pretty ghey" so that when the insult is constructed correctly it goes like this- "on a scale from one to ten .... thats pretty ghey ". This insult is commonly used by a complete douche, tool, or supreme jack ass...or maybe they are just cooler than you, whatever the case the topic at hand is usually pretty ghey.
guy one: dude I just spent 3 days strait playing WoW to become a level 70 alliance leader

guy two: wow man, on a scale from one to ten .... thats pretty ghey

guy one: your such a ghey scalerer
by mega_madness August 07, 2009
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