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96 definitions by meg

An action that someone think is extremely cool, when it is in fact the opposite.
Guy 1: Dude, look at this new hawaiian shirt I got...baller huh?
Guy 2: Ugh, stop silver shorting.
by Meg October 25, 2011
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being totally bummed out
Kid 1: "I've got a 10 page paper due tomorrow and I haven't started."
Kid 2: "Bumskied dude."
by Meg April 04, 2005
2 2
Term used in soccer, denoting when you hurl a ball at someone's head to try to knock their glasses off, but you don't quite manage it.

"Nice troy, that."
by Meg March 31, 2004
1 1
Light-heart expletive used on those occasions when you feel you should be troubled, but sadly, don't actually give a fuck.
"My poor fat ugly sister can't make it down for Cristmas this year, dagnamet!"
by Meg September 23, 2003
2 3
a word with just about the same meaning ofdarn
person 1: i asked him out and he said "no"

person 2:shuky-darn
by meg April 23, 2005
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OMG VILLE VALO IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALive.. and no1 loves him more then me and my friend nicole so Fuck whoever thinks otherwise
Funeral Hearts
Loves the funeral of hearts
Razorblade Romance
Your love is razorblade kiss
by Meg February 02, 2005
20 22
Someone or somthing that is annoying you at the time.
"she's a stupid bitch"
"yeah, what a guf"
by Meg October 30, 2004
13 15