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Runescape is a bad game with no obvious storyline, you start off at lvl 3 and work up to lvl 126, there are also non combat skills suck as woodcutting, farming cooking etc...

The gameplay is bad with a bad combat system, point and click. The graphics are terrible with laag and when players walk they look like they are gliding on the floor.
Runescape's community mainly consists of 12-16 year olds and there are alot of addicted people and stuck up people who play this game. Skills go up , judging by how long you sit on your butt clicking and pointing at a small screen.
I would definatly not recomend this game as it has bad graphics lag, an immature community of either noobs begging or geeks bragging and showing off.
People who play this game are usually people with a low social life, small brain, and addictive personalities and tendancies to waste hours infront of a small gameplay screen clicking and pointing at bad graphically desigened things.
normal person: hey why did you bother getting 99 agility on that game you play... runescape.

runescaper: it's not hard..

normal person: yeah but it takes a hell of a long time being sad.

runescaper: walks off claiming he has things to do...
by meflikes24 February 04, 2007

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