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Term describing a person who is of hybrid race, usually a cross between a European and an African negro. The term comes from the French "coffee with milk" to describe the color. Unlike most terms used to describe these people, it is not usually meant in a derogatory way.
Dude 1: Beyonce is a fine cafe au lait chick
Dude 2: Come off it man, that negress wears a fucking wig!
#mulatto #half caste #oreo #night rider #mudshark
by meester p June 22, 2007
Term used by African-Americans to describe people of European races. Is meant in a derogatory manner, although most white people will not be offended.
Tyrone: Wassup my nigga, Leroy's shits all fucked up, honkey muthafuckas gave him 25 for rapin that white bitch

Rufus: Dayum

Lareece: Shit, crackas be holdin this nigga down
#cracka #cracker #whiteboy #devils #casper
by meester p June 22, 2007
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