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The correct spelling for something more commonly known as biology. Oftentimes the kari is forgotten in the spelling of the word. The kari is silent.
Mandy: Mr. Smith, how did i get points off on my vocab quiz?
Mr. Smith: You pronounced the word biokariology incorrectly.
Mandy: What, i spelled it correctly!
Mr. Smith: Then where's the kari??
by Meepedeemeepers500 January 05, 2010
The art or study of flaring nostrils. Is often enjoyed by nerds, geeks, or dorks. Not many others find comfort and passion in the art or study of flareaticus. Flareaticus has oftentimes gotten mixed up with flarenticis, the art or study of nose picking.
Larry: Hey Billy, where were you after school yesterday, we were supposed to go to the high school football game together!
Billy: Oh, I'm sorry Larry, I was at my flareaticus club meet!
I now know how to flare my nostrils in 5 different ways!
Larry: Oh, wow, i didn't know! I'm so sorry for doubting you!
by Meepedeemeepers500 January 04, 2010
This holiday is celebrated from the first day of the new year to January 3rd. Usually, people carve Rutabegga on Runana because they cannot leave the house and are bored. Oftentimes, many people are hung over from new years day. When people have nothing else to do, they then stuff the Rutabegga with frosting and eat it. YUM! On the last day of Runana everyone celebrates by sitting around a rutabegga.
Sally: "Mark, you shouldn't drink so. You'll get hung over."
Mark: "No, it's fine, it's almost Runana!"
Sally: "Oh, right! I almost forgot! In that case," (poors a HUGE glass of beer) "Drink up!
by meepedeemeepers500 January 04, 2010

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