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shittiest fucking mall ever. that doesn't stop the kids from coming here though.. this mall becomes a 2nd home to teenagers in the area during winter when it's too cold to walk around state street. it's not like there's anything better to do.
Pretty soon every store in the Granite Run Mall will go out of business except Panda Express and Auntie Anne's, because that's where all the kids go.
by mediakid2009 January 06, 2010
probably one of the most boring yet amazing small towns in the US. our shining attribute has got to be the teenagers. some of the coolest and open minded kids you'll ever meet live here. it doesn't matter what your story is, we're all pretty fucked up anyways so no one judges. over half of everyone has either a step mom, step dad, step sibling, half sibling, a missing parent, or a combination of these. almost every kid has a dysfunctional family of some sort. there isn't much crime, but the kids can be kind of trashy. many are just bored, so they get involved in things like drugs, cigs, sex, some drinking, and pranking. the vast majority of the teens here listen to screamo, punk/hard rock, classic hip hop, and your occasional pop song. the common hobbies of kids around here include drugs, sex, walking on state street, and (sometimes) football games. most kids are in middle class to lower middle class, though there are exceptions. as far as clothes go, hot topic is pretty popular, but mostly people will shop wherever they can find good cheap clothes. friday and saturday nights, you will find a great portion of people either at the granite run mall or walking around state street with their group of friends. everyone knows everyone in this town, so you're bound the see some one you're cool with. to an outsider or an adult, this may sound boring or weird. but they just don't understand. these kids are great, and we know how to have fun. we entertain each other, and are family.
media, pa stand up
by mediakid2009 November 07, 2009
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