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v. to dance so much your body explodes
n. stupid ass flying bitch
prep. in, under
int. random word
pron. nigger
adj. crazy
adv. crazyly
conj. and, or ect...
v. shut up or i will wigglyfi you
n. you are a wigglyfi
prep. i am wigglyfi you
int. WIGGLYFI!!!!!
pron. I shot that wigglyfi in the ass
adj. i am wigglyfi
adv. i run wigglyfi
conj. i eat wigglyfi drink
by me5 February 23, 2004
a quer that is a show off in the feild of what they are currently doing (jocks)
jole on the stuart hall hockey team #4
by me5 April 26, 2004

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