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The practice of having sex with someone only because you feel sorry for them; sympathy sex.
John won't stop whining about how long it's been since he's gotten laid...I'm willing to pity pork him myself just to shut him up already.
by mds1978 January 19, 2011
The sexual arousal associated with watching YouTube videos of people playing Guitar Hero incredibly well on Expert level. May lead to guitargasms depending on how hard or fast the player is strumming, activating star power, and excessive use of the whammy bar.
Fuck yeah! I got a total guitard-on watching it. I almost blew a load in my pants by the time it was done....that shit was intense.
by mds1978 January 29, 2011
Acronym for "gay after beer". Commonly seen among college frat boys who think and act like they're totally straight, yet engage in various homosexual acts once intoxicated.
Guy A: "Dude, that new pledge is so hot...I'd do anything to suck his dick. I wonder if he has a girlfriend"

Guy B: "Oh please...he's a total Gab...just give him a few drinks and he'll be on his knees in no time."
by mds1978 January 27, 2011
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