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The extreme version of Muffin Top. So extreme the top half grows from the head down then abruptly stops at the hips( like a mushroom ) to reveal thinner, and possibly even nice legs. Gravitational wise.. we don't know how this is possible. But many have proved gravity wrong by this odd shaped silhouette. Also known as Toad Stool.
"Wow, she has nice legs considering what her top half looks like."

"I know, she has a mushroom top, that's why she wears short skirts and then baggy sweatshirts."

by mdez March 24, 2009
Pants that don't quite fit around the ankles. So short you can see pasty and or hairy legs, revealing things you don't want to see, and overall committing a fashion crime.
"I can't believe this, I bought these new pants and they fit perfect. Then my mom put them in the dryer now they are total Bukauski's."


Shelly: "I think I might date Chad.. He's pretty cute."

Joan: "Ughh.. no. Look, he's wearing Bukauski's. I can see his pasty hairless legs."

Shelly: "Oh thanks, I didn't catch that. Nevermind. "
by mdez March 23, 2009

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