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An online fight between at least two people. It usually starts with a random and idiotic insult towards a person followed by an equally idiotic rebuttle. The members continue to fight back and forth, going completely off topic. Typical attacks include calling someone emo, or saying something about their momma. Everyone is dumber from reading it.
Typical conversation:
Tex: you got some of the shittiest ideas for stuff
Progz: tex i was getting now go beat off to walkers's pics.
Tex: is it me or does that not make an ounce of sense?
D_R_U_G_S: I didn't know that sense came in ounces.
Tex: i didnt know i was gonna e-punch you till now X( and well for progz yet another lame account for a diss
Boyd: I are not smarter anymore cuz of this e-fight :(
by mdboyd May 02, 2006

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