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3 definitions by mcmcmc

I Hate Boys Club =a club for girls, by girls.
m= ohmygozza, he broke my heart and now i am going to join the I.h.b.c :
by mcmcmc August 14, 2006
3 0
Photo Time.
For when my-space posers meet up, cover their faces in make up, and take 'arty' photos. preferably in black or white.
c: omgzzzaa! i totally feel like FO today!
m: yeh, i'm feeling nostalgic today. bring some teddy bears to cuddle in the shots.
c: great! i love FOing with you, i'll bring my makeup!
m: we're gonna look so hot!
by mcmcmc August 14, 2006
7 26
Diet Coke - an abbreviated name for this delicious beverage.
c: Can you bring me a cold DC?
by mcmcmc August 14, 2006
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