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n.)a burn by means of racial or sexual humor
can be used to replace the noun form of ponk
dude! that movie was amazing!
ur mom was amazing! ahuigh!

-----^pronounced here^-----
its the guy with the dreadlocks that does it...
by mcfizzy July 10, 2008
n.)a series of words (which may be used in any order) stated in a sarcastic manner in order to point out the lack of sense or humor in a ponk or zinger (see ponk and zinger)
may be followed by a questioning "what?"; ponk or zinger may follow the last word of the three, pending the type of joke or statement in question, though this may uneccesarily elongate the phrase, which will ultimately deduct from its humor
guy 1: dude, i felt so stupid after failing that test...
guy 2: ur mom felt so stupid after faling my test!
guy 3: Oh! burn-zap-thwack...zinger!(said in an excited yet evidently sarcastic manner)what?
by mcfizzy July 10, 2008
v.)to burn by a use of a racial or sexual comment
-dude! that was amazing!
-ur mom was amazing! O, u just got ponked!
by mcfizzy July 10, 2008
v.)to burn by means other than a racial or sexual comment (religion, stupidity, etc.)the verb form is rare in actual conversation
n.(zinger)a burn unrelated to sexuality or race; usually recited after the punchline of a joke

includes all jokes not covered by a ponk
v.how do u start a mexican stampede?
how? (asked the man with mexican ties)
roll a nickel down a hill! u just got zung!

n.) "
roll a nickel down a hill! Zinger!
by mcfizzy July 10, 2008
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