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Where hopes die.

The graveyard of hopes.

People who go to uni to hope for hope, but remain hopeless and homeless.
i'm studying soil mechanics at liverpool hope by day and salvaging my soul from a bag of coke by night
by mcdouchedouche January 01, 2011
A word used to describe someone (male or female) who is very, very, ridiculously goodlooking.

A common misconception is that zhaofit is a selfindulgent expression of zhao's sexualmagnetism.

Zhaofit is not a noun. Confusion arises when, for example, someone called zhao is very very fit. It is an adjective, a title that precedes the names of extremely aesthetically gifted people worthy of such description.
hotchickA: Steve has abs that you can grate cheese on, buns that you can cut glass with, and a complexion of such awesome perfection that legend has it an angel ate its own face after settings eyes upon it...

hotchickB: Yes we get it, he's zhaofit.
by mcdouchedouche January 01, 2011

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