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A person who spends countless hours on the Internet downloading illegal content such as music and movies only to never watch or listen to it.
John: Have you watched all 7 seasons of the Gilmore Girls?

Ray: I've never seen a single episode.

John: Then why did you download 15 gigs of shows?

Ray: I figured someone might want to watch them some day.

John: Dude you're such as Blue Balled ePirate.

Ray: Want to listen to some C&C Music Factory?
#epirate #blue balled #downloads #lame #lmfao
by McDoh! February 13, 2010
The boner that the weatherman gets from interrupting your regularly schedule television schedule to show you Doppler Radar Images of trailer parks being relocated.
Travis: Damn it! Channel 4 just cut away from the A-TEAM rerun to show that Trailer Park in Lake Arrowhead getting blown to bits on Doppler.

Barclay: No wonder that weatherman has a raging Doppler Boner...
#boner #doppler #raging wood #mad wood #nerd mojo
by McDoh! June 28, 2009
The theory that no matter what you Google Image Search, the search will always return at least one naked person.
Travis: Why did John get fired?

Nick: He Google Image Searched "Thai Spicy Chicken" and it returned a bunch of pictures of women pleasing chickens.

Travis: Goo-doh!
#fack! #minimize #undo #pron #porn #nakedchicks
by McDoh! June 11, 2009
The art of pretending you're still work when you're not.
John: When is Steve due back?
Travis: Tomorrow, why?

John: But his coffee cup is still warm and his jacket is still there.

Travis: Thats just good still-around-aflage. It comes from years of being a software developer.
#lazy #fatfuck #douche #delta bravo #developer
by McDoh! June 01, 2009
Writing Software in your Production Environment where a mistake can end career(s) and possibly lives.
Ken: John, we don't have a development environment to write code in.

John: Can we safely do it in Production?

Ken: Not a chance in hell

John: Sounds like we have some hot bareback coding ahead of us!
#bareback #code #software development #fired! #crap
by mcdoh! March 03, 2011
A person who Blind Carbon Copies Management so that when they read the email, he/she comes out looking like a hero and you look like an ass.
Travis: So why did you get transferred to HQ?

John: That Bcc-iotch deleted my other emails from the chain and sent the one where I told him how I felt about the situation to management.

Travis: What a bcc-iotch!
#beotch #delta bravo #db #bowtie #douche #biotch
by McDoh! June 01, 2009
A form of "Redneck Homesteading". The act of putting your trailer up on (stolen) cinder blocks to "plant roots" in the trailer park of your dreams.
Harold: So Rick, you all settled at your new place?

Rick: Yep, we went wheelz up this past weekend over by that septic drainage field I told you we could tap into.

Harold: Well there's one less lake I'll be fishing in...

Rick: HAHAHAHA....Yup...I reckon we won't be eatin outta there again....
#redneck homesteading #double wide trailer #redneck bling #lake arrowhead #septic leakage #redneck
by McDoh! November 30, 2009
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