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1 definition by mcblickiieh

Someone with hot fiery Cape Verdean blood flowing through their veins. Cape Verde is a small group of islands off the west coast of Africa and there are a lot of Cape Verdeans in New England. Cape Verdeans are Black/African reguardless of skin/eye color or hair length/texture but sadly a lot of them are in denial about it... they try to use their portuguese mixture as an excuse of why they're not african but it's stupid because there is a mix of something else in almost every African country... Overall Cape Verdeans are sexy and attract attention almost everywhere they go
Dude1: Aiiyo didju see dat lite skinned chick dat juss walked by wit da long black hair && dat dark skinned chick w/ tha afro?? DEY'RE BAANGIN

Dude2: Yeaa they must be Cape Verdean
by mcblickiieh February 03, 2008