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someone obsessed with boobs

or, a girl who is straight but likes touching other girls' boobs.
sarah: hi, i'm sarah!

sarah: hi, i'm sarah!
michelle: your boobs are awesome! can i squeeze them? i'm boobsexual!
by mcballer5 March 05, 2009
happens every thursday.
meant to be a fun little game between friends of the opposite sex, not random people on the street, in the halls, etc. who may not know about the game.

you may sexually harass your friends, and they are not allowed to say anything about it.
ryan: (slaps shelby's boob) sexual harassment thursday!

shelby: hahahaha, you're so funny! (grabs ryan's balls) sexual harassment thursday!

ryan: ow!
by mcballer5 March 05, 2009

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