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A child who is restrained on a leash usually being dragged by an un-attentive parent. These children can usually be seen at wal-mart, disneyland, grocery stores, or any other generally large area.

The said leash can come in many different styles ranging from the standard which makes it look like a dog harness wrapped around a child to the newer style where the leash is attached to some ugly little backpack so the parent doesn't feel as bad when people stare and can pretend like their child is wearing it because they like it.

Seeing these children usually make you think of a dog on a leash when the child strays too far the parent will either just keep strolling along dragging the poor child behind or give the leash a good tug there-by forcing said child back at their side.
Shelby: did you just see that leash child?

Melissa: Yeah, poor thing.
Shelby: lets cut the leash and free him!

Ashley: I saw a leash child today at wal-mart
Danny: Was the mom dragging it down the isles?
Ashley: Ya she didn't even notice until he got stuck on a display case
by mcaitlen March 14, 2011

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